Orange County Virtual School Frequently Asked Questions

If my child wants to take a course with OCVS while enrolled in a traditional school, where do I go?

•Students are to sign up for courses by going to Students may already have an account created because they took a course with FLVS. If a student does not already have an account, they can create one by clicking on “New Student”. All part time students MUST discuss their intent to take an online course with their current school counselor.

•Refer to your school counselor for step by step instructions on how to create an FLVS account.

I want my child(ren) to be withdraw from their traditional school and take online classes full time. However, I want them to remain a public school student; how do I do this?

•Students must first apply to the OCVS full time online program. We have open enrollment twice a year for the full time program, which are summer (for Segment 1) and spring (for Segment 2). Students must remain enrolled at their traditional school until official OCVS acceptance is confirmed.

•To apply to the OCVS full time program, click on the Programs section of this website.

This website is to apply for the full time program ONLY, you cannot sign up for courses on this site.

I want my child to withdraw from their traditional school and enroll into Home Education. I do not want my child to be a public school student. I want to take full responsibility of educating my child the way I choose to. How do I do this?

•OCVS and Home Education are two separate programs. To apply for Home Education, please go to, then click on the Home Education tab on the left, and click on the “Intent to Establish a Home Education Program” link on the upper right.

My child has been suspended and/or received a Level 4 from school. I do not want to pay for private school and I do not want them to attend Alternative Education. I want them to take online courses instead, where do I go?

•The parent should go to and click the "Home Education" link for enrollment information.